We thrive on the extraordinary, unique and special. We believe every shopping endeavor should be an experience (of the best possible kind), especially in person.  Below are but just a few details inherent in everything that is pucciManuli.  And, never ones to rest on our laurels, we're always trying find ways to elevate your in-store experience.  Stay tuned, we have a few in the works now that should roll out over the coming weeks.


Wish Lists

Parents, we've got you covered. No more temper tantrums because your little one falls in love with all of unique, one-of-a-kind wonderments they discover in the shop.  Have them start their very own wish list. We'll keep it safe and sound in a very special box (which we've recently discovered, has a direct link to the big man up North) to be referred to as often as you like. What's more, friends & family far and wide now know exactly what to get.

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Complimentary Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is always available (size permitting of course) and always complimentary. On your way to a birthday party, need a last minute housewarming gift? No one will ever know you popped into pucciManuli at the last minute to pick-up something special.  Know exactly what you want (or have an idea of what you're looking for)? Call us on your way and we'll have it ready and waiting for you when you arrive.


Worldwide Shipping

Whether you need to ship your package to the next town, over the hill and through the woods, or clear across the globe, pucciManuli is happy to assist you. In addition to wrapping the gift beautifully, we'll ship the package to the destination of your choice at no additional charge (other than the actual cost to ship the package that is).

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Urban Fairies

A few months after we moved into our digs on Cricket Avenue, this mysterious door appeared on one of the inside walls of our shop. Needless to say we were perplexed.  Soon after, cryptic notes and trinkets were being left in the wee hours of the night.  The best we've been able to determine (as no one has managed to catch a glimpse of these elusive creatures) is that we have some urban fairies or shop elves amongst us here. And - we have to admit - we kinda like it that way.

While we've been in business for 10 years (holy cow!) and have customers all over the world, we've only had a brick & mortar presence for a little over three (3) years. So needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised and honored to learn Philadelphia Magazine chose us at the Best Toy Store in 2016 (which is a bit deceiving, as we really do have so many beautiful gifts for children of all ages).  You can read their take on our shop here. 

Not long after we opened our brick & mortar location on Cricket Avenue, Main Line Today magazine took note (and notice!).  We were thrilled to be named Best Toy Store throughout the western suburbs of Philadelphia.