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Mahogany Rocking Horse, Large

Limited Production

Item #:  STE120LS

Maker:  Stevenson Brothers

Size:  56" L x 18" W x 48" H

Shipping:  Drop Ships in 6-8 Weeks

Shipping Charged Separately

Recommended Age:  4 - Adult


Price: $6,900.00

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  • Mahogany Rocking Horse, Large
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Mahogany Rocking Horse
This Mahogany rocking horse by The Stevenson Brothers from Bethersden, England is based on a 1910 design originally manufactured by the legendary F.H. Ayres, purveyor of the finest rocking horses during the Victorian era, and prized by children of all ages and British royalty alike.  Made from Mahogany wood, the horse is hand carved to show musculature and constructed using the traditional Victorian method of mortise and tenon, ensuring a sturdier connection between joints than the common dowel and peg style that weakens after years of riding and fitted with tanned English cowhide leather tack, sage green leather saddle top and tartan-plaid saddle blanket.

When this Mahogany rocking horse’s natural finish is polished, its takes on a beautiful reddish brown hue.  And, when rocked in the light, the grain tends to change color.  Mounted on a Victorian safety stand, designed in 1878 by PJ Marqua of Cincinnati, Ohio, the horse comes complete with a real horse hair mane and tail and hallmarked brass plaque bearing the makers name, date and unique number.  

Available to discerning owners, this heirloom quality rocking horse is an investment in authentic English craftsmanship from the most highly regarded makers in the field.  Beautiful in any setting, this truly timeless piece of equine sculpture is rideable by children of all ages.

Available in two sizes:          Large 56” L x 18” W x 48” H (holds up to 250 pounds)
                                                Extra Large 70” L x 22” W x 58” H (holds up to 320 pounds)

Green Policy
Working with hardwoods brings with it an environmental responsibility, which the brothers honor: whenever possible, timbers are bought from suppliers supporting the code of conduct of the International Tropical Timber Organizations.  The timber used by Stevenson Brothers comes from plantations with a sound replanting policy.  As a double guarantee that the wood of your rocking horse is being replaced, we will send you a tree which you can plant and care for in your own garden.

As with all of Stevenson Brothers’ rocking horses, you also have the ability to custom build your very own horse: chose one (1) of three (3) horse sizes, the type of wood carved, the type of stand your horse is mounted on, the fittings, whether or not and/or how you want your horse painted, and the colors of the leather saddle and suede saddle blanket.  In addition, you can choose to include a secret locking compartment and inscribe your very own message on the included plaque.  To discuss all of your options, please contact us directly at 248-288-4410.

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